Selective breeding of Bernese mountain dogs
Professional dog grooming

Acknowledged by the Royal Society Saint Hubert (FCI)
and by the ministry of agriculture (HK 10101441)

Hobby kennel since 1992 with the ambition to breed healthy, good-looking dogs with an honest nature.
Our puppies are bred according the regulations and breeding advice of the Royal Society Saint Hubert and the Belgian breed club.
To ensure that they can go to their new home in the best conditions, they are dewormed several times, provided with a chip and vaccinated and checked by a veterinarian before they leave the nest.
Before the parents are used in our breeding program they are HD and ED-free assessed by the national committee for skeletal disorders according to the applicable FCI guidelines with the aim to eliminate the genetic predisposition to developing these problems inherent in the larger breeds.
Unfortunately, external factors in wich the new owner has a major responsibility, have a serious influence on the overall development of a puppy, so that despite careful selection it cannot be excluded that growth disorders or skeletal abnormalities such as HD and ED may nevertheless occur.
The importance of proper nutrition and treatment during the growth phase is invaluable, excessive or insufficient movement, walking on stairs, jumping off a higher level, giving certain medication and/or nutritional supplements should absolutely be avoided during the growth phase.
Research has also shown that castration or sterilization at a young age causes a serious risk increase for the development of the above-mentioned and other problems.
During the first 3 weeks after birth mother and pups need to rest, afterwards it's very important that they get to meet other people and learn about life in a positive way, for that reason it's only natural that we'll be happy to invite you for a visit.
Note: To avoid transferring diseases it's important that you don't visit one litter after another, timely make an appointment so you can visit different kennels spread over several days.
Our dogs live free in the garden where they can run and play as they please, regularly we take them out for a walk or a training session at the local dog school.
A few times a year we take them to dog shows, mostly with excellent results.
Because of their excellent quality, some of the Bangaïs dogs are now used in breeding programs of other kennels, in Belgium as well as in other country's.
Occasionally, for those who don't want to start with a puppy, we have some young adult dogs available, feel free to contact us for more information.
Bangaïs is also a professional dog-grooming center.
Thanks for visiting our website, we are always prepared to give extra information.
Make an appointment for a visit without obligations.
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province Antwerp - Belgium


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